The challenge

Moonage Pictures is a new force in TV production, striving to make awesome, distinctive shows that stand out from the crowd. Moonage was founded to create an inspiring space for people to do their very best work. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and at an important moment of change in the entertainment industry, the Directors approached Deeds and Words to help them think about and articulate who they were as an organisation, what was important to them and the values that guide the way they work.

What we did 

Deeds and Words facilitated a series of workshops with the Moonage directors and the wider staff group to help them think about what mattered to them as individuals and as an organisation, and to shape and refine their shared values. Following this, we supported the team to consider how to live up to these values in practice; ensuring they were reflected in their actions as well as on paper. 

The result

'Setting up an independent production company felt like a massive challenge: we knew we wanted to create a working environment that was different from the ones we’d experienced before but we had no idea how to achieve this. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders when we sat down with Caroline and she started to introduce us to a new way of thinking about how everyone in the company could relate to each other. The upshot of the series of meetings was a set of values which now run through the heart of the company like Brighton through a stick of rock. We’re still at the early stages of our journey, but the work we did with Deeds and Words feels like it's provided us with a map that might just help us get to where we want to go'

Matthew Read, Director, Moonage Pictures