The challenge

Following a change in leadership and in the midst of organisational restructure, Deeds and Words was commissioned to support Liberty through a period of substantial internal change. Liberty knew that in order to be most effective externally, everyone in the team needed to be involved in setting out what they wanted to achieve, and in agreeing how they were going to achieve it in a way that lived up to their values.

What we did

Over the course of six months, Deeds and Words worked with the entire staff team at Liberty to define the organisation it wanted to be going forward, and to embed these changes within the culture. We worked alongside a staff working group to develop and integrate a vision, mission, theory of change and shared set of values reflecting the objectives, ambitions and aspirations of Liberty. We then supported the whole staff team to develop practical systems and processes to integrate these tools into long-term day to day operations. We’re continuing this work in 2019-20. Liberty wants to ensure that an inclusive working culture exists at every level of the organisation and shapes not only how they work, but what they do. They know that they cannot achieve their objectives unless they are actively inclusive. 

The result 

‘Deeds and Words have supported Liberty to bring about real change for the better, and when we recognised the critical importance of doing work on inclusive culture, we immediately looked to Deeds and Words to partner with. Their systematic, thoughtful, value-driven and empathetic approach creates an environment where people can articulate their vision and do their best work to make it a reality. As a CEO, I have drawn wisdom, insight and fortitude from Deeds and Words. They have made me a better leader and helped Liberty be a better organisation.’

Martha Spurrier, Director, Liberty