Internet Watch Foundation

The challenge 

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) was going through a period of transition when it brought Deeds and Words on board. Our role was to guide them through a period of organisational restructure, to involve and bring the staff team along with this process, to support the CEO and to minimise disruption to the wider staff team. 

What we did 

Restructures are rarely easy transitions for organisations, and we knew how important it was for the whole IWF team to be engaged with the process and informing the outcomes. We worked with a staff working group from across all areas of the organisation, with the leadership and management teams and with the Board, enabling everyone at IWF to discuss and refine the ongoing structure of the organisation and the vision, mission and objectives of the organisation. We also supported the senior team through their business planning cycle, helping them to embed a new planning process, more closely aligned to the organisational mission. Finally, we provided mentoring to the Chief Executive throughout the restructure process.

The result 

'Working with Deeds and Words was money well spent in every sense. They brought genuine expertise, coupled with a fabulous working style to help us through a difficult restructuring process. Their inclusive approach ensured that all our staff felt involved and listened to. They achieved this by involving all the staff and Board in developing a Theory of Change which has become our guiding policy document.  They have an ability to deal with really complex situations, without dodging the difficult areas, in a truly constructive manner by providing practical solutions at each stage of the journey. Following completion of the restructuring, they have continued to provide mentoring support to me as CEO which I find totally invaluable and intend to continue for the foreseeable future.'

Susie Hargreaves, OBE, Chief Executive, Internet Watch Foundation