Government departments

The challenge 

Our society is constantly changing, and, as a result, the way in which we secure safety and sustainability, in our country and beyond, must also evolve. Deeds and Words were approached to support a government department to build the most innovative, positive and inclusive working cultures across multiple sites around the country. We worked with them to think about what’s preventing them from achieving their well-defined mission, and to ensure they create an internal culture that supports them to play an active part in building an inclusive society.

What we did 

An inclusive and sustainable culture is not something that can be introduced or imposed by an organisation’s leadership or HR department. Instead, organisations must be prepared to approach change with an open mind, and to listen and learn from their people. We worked with the organisation over a period of six months to support them through this process. We helped them have conversations across the organisation, to understand what parts of their culture were important to nurture and what parts were holding them back and no longer reflecting their values. We supported them to describe, in measurable terms, what the impact of an effective and inclusive culture would be for them, and we made a number of key recommendations about how they might build and sustain that culture.