Deeds and Words leadership programmes

Deeds and Words run a number of leadership programmes with a range of public, private and charitable organisations. We bring together up to 36 people to think about their own leadership journeys, how they can contribute to inclusive workplace cultures, and the part they can play collectively and individually to improve their organisations. We provide opportunities for employees to be involved in the delivery of those programmes, providing training and on-going support. We also provide structured opportunities for senior staff to work with delegates, to develop solutions that work for everybody.  Throughout the course of a programme, delegates are challenged individually and as a collective, and reflect on the relevance of who they are in relation to the work they do. Deeds and Words run leadership programmes for any combination of staff, including programmes aimed specifically at women and programmes which are intentionally diverse, aimed at putting active inclusion at the heart of leadership teams. 

Every two years, we run a free leadership programme, with the generous support of Hardwicke Chambers. This free programme is open to up 36 people engaged in social change, from any sector.