What a year...

22 — December — 2021


We like all sorts of collaboration at Deeds and Words. Do the Avengers' epitomise collective leadership or does ego get in the way?  How does Bakhtin help us think about neutrality? We mix and match. We love art and science and culture and TV and poetry and podcasts and books. And lego.


A Christmas tree using the Deeds and Words logo
Designed by Ness Wood, Orange Beak Studio

It turns out that running a business during a global pandemic is pretty tough. It doesn't leave much space for fun stuff, like updating websites, writing articles, or being creative. But Christmas gives us an excuse to do more. With the support of the brilliant designer, Ness Wood of Orange Beak Studio, we have a Christmas card this year. And thanks to an extraordinary amount of lego (and some help from master builders) we've been able to wish our trans siblings a very merry Christmas.

We hope you enjoy and check back for more updates to the website. We'll get to it, promise.

The Deeds and Words team