The rest of the team - we are expanding!

We work with lots of different people, in lots of different ways, including illustrators, photographers, race equity experts and lego master builders. We want to feature some of them here.

Stacey Dale is one of our project managers. She previously worked for the London Borough of Camden and was the Chair of Stonewall Housing. 

Stacey Dale

Faye Davies is our project manager and coordinates our work with different clients.

Faye Davies

New Team Members (pictures will be added soon)

April Guasp has recently joined the team as our manager - impact and evaluation and supports all Deeds and Words staff to ensure impact measurement is at the heart of our approach!

Carol McNab has also recently joined the team as our Executive Assistant / Business Manager, to enable us to deliver efficiently and effectively to our new and existing clients and help us develop the systems and processes to support seamless growth.

Our Extended Team -

Pari Naderi is an amazing photographer, responsible for all the photos of Caroline and Ruth. You can find out more about her work 

Pari Naderi